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Mental health is SO important in your daily life.  It is a part of your overall health and not taking care of your mental is doing your body a disservice.  Mental and physical health go hand in hand.  I am a huge advocate for mental health/wellness because I know what it has done for me.  

I was officially diagnosed with anxiety & depression in my 20s.  I never wanted to talk about it or share because I am a private person.  However, as I have gotten older I realize that sharing MY story could help someone else.  January 29, 2021 my life was changed forever.  I battled with suicidal thoughts and even had a plan of execution  on this day.  I was so lost and scared.  My life was such a mess, there were so many obstacles that I was facing with no hope of improvement.  For some reason I did not take my life on that day.  My community is what saved me.  If it wasn't for close friends (Claudia & Tina) & the love of my life (Rashard), I wouldn't be here doing what I love.  I am still here; and now I can advocate for myself and others who struggle with these & other mental disorders.

Community is so important in life in general, but when it comes to your mental health it can be life altering.  Taking time to find people in your life that are non-judgmental and who you can trust is going to be a game-changer for your mental health.  Incorporating self care & self love will also play a major role in improving your mental health.   For me, fitness is how I show myself self care & self love.  I plan each day to do something that shows I care about myself and taking care of my mind and body is one of those ways.  

There's a saying, "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."  This definitely holds true in my life.  After my suicidal attempt, I chose to do better for me and others around me.  My pain & struggle is NOT in vein, I help people every day of my life.  Whether you choose to work with me for your fitness/wellness needs or not, just know I am here to listen and support.  You are NOT alone!  

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline | Call or Text 988


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