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Hello there, I am Ebony Green and I am the owner of EDGE FIT.    I am a busy girl mom of 1, who is 9 going on 16!  My fitness journey began with my undeniable love for dance at the age of 3.  I've been doing this "thang" for a while. My love for dance blossomed in 2010 when I was introduced to Zumba ® .  I have since become a licensed Zumba ®

instructor and began my transition into the Fitness World.  I received my Group Exercise Certification through the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) in July of 2013.  I am now on a mission to instruct dance/fitness classes to help others gain back their once healthy lifestyles.


                                             Okay, Okay enough of the boring stuff!


So, after I had my daughter I was on a mission of "Operation Snapback".  I wanted to look like a SNACK (this is what the young people say, I think).   [Inserts  laughing emoji]  However being a new mother made it very difficult to exercise.   Going to the gym and lifting weights were OK, but I wanted to have fun and get fit.   I knew  I wasn't alone in my feelings and thus EDGE FIT was born in August of 2015.   I wanted to get results and have fun while doing it.   At almost 5 years old, I am still just as excited as day one to be able to share with you my love and passion for dance and fitness.       


I began teaching at many different gyms and studios and I really enjoyed myself.  But just as all good things must come to end, I began really focusing on what people needed and how I could provide a service to cater to those needs.  EDGE FIT is more than just your average fitness company, we represent  health & wellness (mental and physical), fitness, strength, beauty and perseverance.  

I am devoting my time to making sure that this company represents health & wellness (emphasis on mental health) to the max.   I, myself, struggle with mental illness (depression & anxiety) and I truly understand how it can consume your life.   My focus is to bring awareness to these awful illnesses and to let you know that you are NOT alone.   There are many ways to cope with mental illness and fitness has been one of mine.  I would love to show you a fun and healthy way to cope, if this is your struggle too!



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